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6th Grade Orientation

FCS Atoms

Principal's Message

Principal, Melanie R. Shaver
We are excited to begin this fantastic learning adventure with your FCS scholar. Throughout the year we will be involved in new and invigorating experiences that will allow your FCS scholar to grow and expand their horizons. At Foothills Community School, our STEM facilitators plan thought-provoking, driving questions that our scholars dive into using project-based learning methods. Our STEM facilitators are dedicated to ensuring scholar success through a redesigned educational experience. 
What is different about Foothills Community School? 
-Flexible scheduling allows scholars the opportunity to ensure that they have time and support to work on areas that may be challenging to them. 
-Individualized academic support, scholars are supported in areas based on their needs. 
-Integrated Project-Based Learning, each unit scholars cover this year is subject integrated, allows scholars to explore content deeply, and have choices regarding their end product. 
We look forward to exploring with you this school year! 
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News & Announcements

Gov. Cooper announced on Friday...

Gov. Cooper announced on Friday that we would be learning remotely for the remainder of the school year. Remember learning, means just that...understanding the standards we are discovering, taking the feedback our teachers give and getting better, and continuing the growth that we need in order to be better and stronger in the future.

Tomorrow a check-in link will be sent out, if we haven't heard from you, we will be following up by doing home visits. We want to make sure you are okay during this time. Please reach out to your teachers or to me if you are in need of anything.

We miss you and love you!

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